love, Alexa Captivates your Attention through her authentic heartfelt ballads

As Alexa Lusader, professionally known as Love, Alexa, preps for the release of her debut project ‘Dear You..’, she maintains the raw confidence of someone who has spent their life preparing for this moment. 

Accompanied by a live band at a party, she gave her debut performance at just five years old, and immediately knew the limelight was for her. Since that day, moving to LA to pursue her career as a recording artist became her dream, and in August of 2016 that dream became reality for the Rochester, MI native. 

With the support of her parents, and the guidance of skilled management, Love, Alexa’s career began blossoming early on. She began to acquire a following on YouTube where she posted uniquely personal songs under her real name, Alexa Lusader. This later evolved into a collaboration with friend/pianist Jonah Wei-Haas, which featured the cheeky duo creating ballads out of rap songs, ‘because nothing says I love you like "Slob on my knob like corn on the cob"’…

The power of Love, Alexa’s music is inspired by the real life events of Lusader’s past, and how finding the power within to overcome adverse circumstances and maintaining a positive mindset & loving heart are critical to future happiness. 

Echoing the intimacy of a personal diary, ‘Dear You..’ pairs the power of personal love notes with modern and catchy pop/R&B melodies infused with sultry 1940’s jazz influenced vocals. 

When asked about how her love notes synergize with her vocal styling, Lusader replied, “When I started writing love notes it was the first time that I felt like things really made sense for me. I really focused on writing music that I wanted to create instead of what I thought I was supposed to create. Love notes are meant to teach how to love yourself and disconnect from the outside bullshit.”

Her five track debut EP ‘Dear You..’ is set to be released on May 21st and distributed by AWAL.